Anja Maas

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What does it mean black or white.
They both know what is right.
It’s not what they do nor what they think
it’s their colour that’s the link
to abuse and suppression
resulting in more aggression.
But here and now it’s not too late
just ban the hate.

Do it, do it
take each others hand
Do it, do it
we can all be friends.
Do you really know whatever this is for
It’s much better to make love no war.
Come on do it, do it.
Come on let’s do it.

How much more can they take
before they really break
Been beaten up and stepped upon.
What do they need to carry on.
If we would only lend a hand
they’d know at last where they stand
and is it really so hard to do
to get them through.

We can all be friends